Colours are tested on aluminium

Paint mixes must be tested before use

Wooden export cases are custom made with heat treated wood to meet international standards.

Custom made packing for secure delivery

When paintings are going to be 8 storeys high, you need a lot of paint!

Lots of paint is mixed

The aluminium panels must be cleaned before they can be painted.

aluminum sheet is prepared

Concept sketch of the design on a large scale for client approval

concept sketch to show client
Mini test paintings are designed

After much thought and tea and biscuits.. the design is finalised

Paint mixes are made and tested

Initial paint mixes are made and tested

Inspiration starts with holiday photos of light shimmering on water.

Scrapbook of inspirational images for artist
Paint brush and acrylic paint

Many clients choose to have paintings specially made.


Julia works closely with her clients and their designers to create beautiful and unique, large-scale artworks on aluminium to meet the project brief, budget and client deadline.

Urgent deadlines are possible. Please ask.

Paintings made on floor to reach centre

Very large paintings are made on the floor, so that the middle can be reached

Matt or gloss paint finishes

Matt or gloss paint finishes are chosen.

Cases are forklifted into a dedicated sea container, driven to London docks for loading onto container ship. Delivery is fully insured door to door worldwide. 

Delivery of paintings is fully insured
Paintings are carefully packed for shipping

Twenty six square paintings have been wrapped and packed, there’s just room for another nine (but only if Julia gets out the box). 

aluminium panels are custom made

Aluminium panels are custom made to shape, size and finish.

Drying time in the studio is important. Completed paintings are left to dry for up to 3 weeks before they can be wrapped for shipment.

Paintings dry slowly in studio