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Call Julia studio imagery

Call Julia on

+44 7940 572 439

Or email her to ask about custom made paintings

Two paintings on aluminium by Julia Brooker

If you’d like a bespoke painting made specially for you… ask yourself . . .

Where will the painting be displayed? ....your home, office, yacht, or is it a gift?  

What colours do you like?  

Which colours do you definitely not want?  

In one word what feeling and atmosphere do you want to create?

Colourful?  Moody?  Busy?

Cool?  Luxurious?  Thoughtful?  

Can you send a photo of where it will be installed? 
Shape, size and scale can be difficult to estimate.

Ask for a no fee no obligation home or site visit. It can really help.

Sweetie’ and ‘Betula’ are lovely delicate paintings on  aluminium. They would be lost on white, & need a contrasting coloured wall.


Wall colour, height and position of artwork on the wall influence the final result.  Julia can give advice if you wish. Please ask. 

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