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Julia Brooker exhibition at Kooywood Gallery, Cardiff UK

“Seeing Jason Martin’s painting ‘Crespo’ at the Lisson Gallery in London was a major turning point. I  was immediately seduced by the delicacy of the translucent colour and the way light reflected off the aluminium. In ten minutes I had jettisoned oil paint, and the next week I had bought my first aluminium panel. It took me weeks to work out how to stop the paint rolling off the shiny metal. I wouldn’t give up.

18 years on, light reflectiveness remains a fascination. Earlier paintings were often about the instant appeal of saturated, jewel like colour. More recently I have used the surface in more subtle layering of graphite and veils of paint.

My latest work is being developed into large glass panels."


Read about Julia’s dissertation on ‘Beauty colour & decoration’